Church of Truth International

Church of Truth International‚ A Brief History

The Church of Truth was founded in 1913 in Spokane Washington by Dr. Albert C. Grier. He was a Universalist Minister with extraordinary vision that could enhance all humanity. His dream was to form a denomination dedicated to the healing of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies and life circumstances, that would culminate in the realization of our Oneness with all life, the fullest awakening of the Christ within.

Dr. Grier spread his teachings throughout the United States, writing books, lecturing, assisting newly founded churches and working closely with other prominent spiritual leaders in both eastern and western traditions.

A prominent line of ministers within the Church of Truth followed Albert Grier's profound visions throughout the years. Each of those ministers brought with him or her, their own understanding of Truth principles.

In 1987 Rev. Judi Warren led the founding of the International Alliance of the Churches of Truth. In 1991 Deborah Coleman from Hamilton, Ontario was ordained into the Churches of Truth and in 1997 was appointed by Rev. Warren as the President of the International Alliance of the Churches of Truth. In 1999 Deborah founded and incorporated the Church of Truth International.

In Aramaic (the language that Jesus spoke) the word "Truth" is Sherara, which means:

"That which liberates and opens possibilites; that which is strong and vigorous and that which acts in keeping with universal harmony".

For this reason, the spiritual authority for the Church of Truth International is John 8:32:

"You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free"


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